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Pre-Paid NIR Feed Test

  • $8700

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Many farmers already utilise our Feed Testing service to improve their bottom line… One unit of Energy (M.E.) can be a $30-50,000 per year difference to the average Aussie dairy.

Feed Central are expert marketers of hay and grain. We know that Feed Testing differentiates your product and helps you realise its true value.

Our system works via a network of Quality Assurance Centres / Laboratories.
We receive samples direct from the public for rapid analysis on a day to day basis. 

Our Feed Testing Quality Assessment Services are founded upon: 

  • Feed Testing backed by DAIRY ONE (USA), the world’s largest Feed Testing Laboratory Network - giving you fast and consistent results to the highest international standards, right here in Australia.
  • Over 100 standard testing parameters available including over 40 Rapid NIR Feed Analysis results (including energies, fibres, proteins and minerals).
  • Rapid 24 hour turnaround of results available. 

After the completion of your test, you will be issued with an industry recognised Feed Test Quality Certificate for use for ruminants or horses. (See Example in pictures) 



  • Hay
  • Grain and Grain Mixes
  • Straw

(We do have other tests available for other products call 1300 669 429 to find out more.)


  1. Simply purchase your PRE-PAID Feed Test online
  2. Complete the form that is personally emailed to you via our team
  3. Take a sample of the product you want tested
  4. Post the sample and form to your nearest Feed Central Branch! 
  5. Receive the Quality Certificate and use it to give you a greater understanding of what you are buying, selling or feeding.


Pre-Paid NIR Feed Test must be used within 12 months of purchase.