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On Farm Prussic Acid & Nitrate Testing Kit

  • $25000

On Farm INSTANT Prussic Acid & Nitrate Testing Kits are now available!

Enabling anyone who is concerned about Prussic Acid & Nitrate levels in their crops to get a simple yes/no answer within minutes.

Each Kit Contains:

  • 5 x Prussic Acid Tests &
  • 5 x Nitrate Tests

Each kit has step-by-step instructions for accurate On Farm testing and an information / educational booklet around the effects of Prussic & Nitrate poisoning and what to look out for. 

*PLEASE NOTE - We recommend you download and read the Frequently Asked Questions and fact sheets by copying and pasting the following links into your web browser:


  1. This package contains toxic, corrosive, and carcinogenic chemicals. Safety Instructions included.
  2. This test kit does not give actual readings (ppm).  You need to order a different test through our lab for these results, see links to the fact sheets above.